Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Why I Love Writing Motivational Posts, Though I Called Myself 'Fashion Blogger'

I LOVE WRITING MOTIVATION POSTS, AND I ALSO LOVE WRITING HOW THE REALITY OF FASHION INDUSTRY IS. I called myself as a 'fashion blogger' based in Manchester, but I don't know if you notice that I have started to use the word 'personal style blogger' for a while. I have realized that I only publish my #ootd with the contents about life and inspiring stuff...I love motivating other people, and I am not scared of being judged about what I have written. There always be people who agree and disagree, but hey this blogosphere is mine, and what's the point of being like others? I have found my voice, and I am happy every time when people say "you have inspired me a lot, Gail"


That's right, I always say pessimistic is a bitch, and I hate it. I have read a lot of books, especially those self-improvement books, and positive quotes because I love the way how I can see myself changing my attitude to become the whole new person. A lot of authors, whom I call as my mentors have taught me several things. I have become more open-minded person, while keeping my guard up all the time. That's the reason why I do not care about comparing myself to the others as stated in a previous post. Life is too short for this negative thing. 

The reason why I LOVE writing inspiring blog posts is because I want to inspire people. I know it is easy to say, but I just love the fact that these inspiring words can uplift the mood, and change us to see the world, and this society in a different perspective. Based on my experience, I have gone through the obstacles in this blogging industry a lot, yet I am a fighter, and the word 'give up' doesn't exist in my head. 

I have read a lot of blogs writing about haul, how to mix&match, etc, but I am not gonna lie that I also love reading peoples' thoughts and opinions about certain areas too. Sometimes, I wish we could talk in person, so that we could discuss a lot of things in our minds. I know how it feels to have no one to talk to, like from heart to heart. I know how it feels to feel like having nothing to lose, and I know how it feels to feel like giving up. I have been there, so you're not alone. 

That's why I want to send out these positive messages to everyone out there. We all can accomplish what we want, WE ARE CAPABLE OF EVERYTHING. 

Dress- Missguided
Cardigan- Pretty Little Thing
Bag- H&M

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  1. I'm loving this dress ! So pretty !


  2. I love your style and it's always interesting to read about your opinions! Keep Going!
    Bric-A-Brac.A fashion and lifestyle blog.

  3. Great positive words the dress is fierce.

  4. i love reading yours posts
    You look amazing,great dress

  5. I love the dress also amazing and positive thoughts! x


  6. Fantatic look !! I love your boots and dress <3 Cardigan perfect !!
    Very nice and positiv post !!


  7. Loving your look. Love your positive look on life!

  8. What a cute dress! And a lovely post too! I think it's good to have a personal and positive touch to every post, it helps blogs seem more relatable and you feel like you get to know the blogger better.

    Wonderful that you're finding your stride and happy with what you are creating - it's your blog and should make you happy! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  9. love this fall outfit and jeweleries and accessories. Xo

  10. molto bella


  11. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  12. Absolutely love this! I'm a new blogger and I'm on the hunt for good blogs to follow, I just came across yours on google+, I love that you do a mix of the personal style with motivational posts! I've actually just started doing this myself! http://ablacksignature.blogspot.co.uk/ would love to chat sometime! xoxo

  13. I love how you aim to motivate and inspire others, it's such a positive message to be sending through your blog! You're quite right, we're each capable of anything :) I adore the colour and material of this dress on you by the way Gail!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  14. Beautiful post dear, and all your posts are just amazing

  15. Dear Gail, I agree absolutely to your message and honestly I can't believe that in fact you are a pessimistic person as you make always such an optimistic impression. Like the cool outfit with the fringe dress, too!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  16. Aren't books fantastic? I love reading motivation books too. They get me focused on what really matters.
    Fashionable and optimistic. Atta girl! :)

  17. Such a great post, I feel exactly the same way. I always struggle with motivation and worrying about what other people want to see but now I'm just in the frame of mind of sharing what I want to share. I kind of like seeing how blogs change over time because as we get older we change and it's nice to see how blogs change as the writer changes :) xx

  18. amazing edgy outfit, I love this boho vibe :)

  19. Gail, you amaze me every time. I have to say though, I feel the exact same way about blogging. Why compare yourself to others, be unique and yourself as why be like someone else? Every word you've written here, believe it or not, I completely understand you as this is exactly how I see things and feel about things. I think me and you would get on so well! I do have to say though, you are probably the main one of my favourite bloggers that I actually enjoy reading and I honestly do not skip a word as I love how you describe things and discuss things. Keep at it girl!

    Isobel x
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  20. You're inspiring for real, Gail! Comparison to others is like poison and who wants to get sick, right?! I read Carnegie as a teenager many years ago and happy to see they work magic on you. Keep it up, Gail! <3 your blog!!

    xoxo Ira

  21. I love your posts! They are really inspiring!

  22. I love your motivational posts- it makes your blog really unique and inspiring :) You have certainly found your unique voice in the blogosphere! You look so beautiful in this fringe, suedette dress and you've styled it so wonderfully with the quirky black boots

    Rachel xx

  23. I should probably read those motivational books to see a different perspective. :)
    Love those fringe details, you rock that look!
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  24. Lovely read, love your ourfit!


  25. I completely agree with you. I think adding those motivational posts and giving your own opinion makes your blog your own. And that is something beautiful :) Keep up with the motivations! x Jill from I ate noodles for breakfast