Sunday, April 3, 2016

The House On Sathorn

Could I just stay at W Bangkok Hotel forever? No, absolutely not lol I was being spoiled (or should I use the word 'pampered' to make it sound more appropriate?) with the contemporary-luxe interior design, which was like the great escape for me. However, such journey is not over yet because this is the 2nd episode of my 2-night-stay at W Hotels. That's right, I had a chance to exclusively visit The House On Sathorn, the ultimate destination for theatrical panache lovers. 


Despite the latest design of the hotel, The House On Sathorn is now 127 year-old. This colonial mansion is the new culinary destination for those who want to indulge their dining experience with the extravagant old-style decor. As stated by the Fine Arts Department of Thailand, the mansion's designed with such warm palettes. Look at the outside of the building, isn't it look gorgeous? The contradiction of the colours gives such a pleasing perception to the viewer (like myself). 


When I stepped in, I felt like this was totally the different world from the outside. Living in a big city like Bangkok, Thailand, it is all about modern lifestyle, and lots of buildings. Yet, the interior decor of The House On Sathorn is more like a luxury melodramatic style, which provides that nostalgia feeling to the old days in the history. The House of Sathorn composes of the dining room, bar, and courtyard. I can't pick my most favourite because each has its own individuality. The vibes and characters of these three are different, yet similar in some ways. If any of you remember my Spectacular room during my stay at the hotel, you will be able to notice that the room is very modern, and equipped with advanced technology. Even the restaurant where I had delicious international breakfast also surrounded by the yellow/gold crocodile scale- like glass panes, contrasted to the pitch black details. Everything looks really cutting-edge of that building. However, the dining room here at this mansion can give you the total contrasting aesthetic sense.

Inspired by Chef Faith's travels, and culinary experiences, every single dish is ready to be served with its best ingredients. Diners can select either they want to be seated at the tables or sit at the bar, while watching Chef preparing their favourite selections. It is similar to Japanese Teppanyaki dining experience, when the customers are seated around the table, and the Chef can just grill the meats and spark the fire in front of them. 


The bar also looks stunning in its own theatrical style. Have you watched The Equinox Fashion's YouTube channel yet? There are some parts in the video showing the bar of The House On Sathorn as well (Oh, subscribe would be very appreciated!) If you love drinking, this room may be your BFF for the night. What kind of drinks or cocktails would you prefer? Just step in, and tell the Mixology expert behind the counter. I even told my special hotel tour guide (the lovely marketing representative) that it would be a dream for me to work here (lol) Keep mixing, have a sip, and repeat...

Apart from the bar, there is also an area nearby where the guests can just sit down and relax too. One of my favourite areas is the fashion room, where there are several books and decorations related to the industry such as this Dior Couture book. Remember when I participated in Siam Paragon Couture Fashion Week in Bangkok? It's absolutely where my journey has begun. Can you spot the Grey Goose's massive bottle? This vodka is amazing! How do I know? Because I attended the Grey Goose pop up in Manchester a while ago. 

Do you like the theatrical decor as well? 


  1. What an amazing place to visit you look to cute.

  2. Wow, the building in the first photo is just gorgeous- love the colour too! I do love the theatrical style. Thanks for sharing. :)
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  3. Love your outfit and photos !


  4. what an amazing place, cool shot, really love it:)

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  5. aaah it looks AMAZING <3 and your outfit is so cute!

  6. Lovely photos! xx

  7. i've been admiring their decor for the longest time. i really wanna go have some afternoon tea at the courtyard! looks amazing x

  8. Great review!! I want to visit this hotel when I go to Thailand!! Xoxo

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  10. Beautiful decor

  11. Oh wow very wonderful

  12. Loved EVERYTHING about this post, from the place to the photos and your look.. Just beautiful!!
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  13. What a coincidence, Gail! I just got back from Bangkok, but stayed in Grand Hyatt. Love to do a staycation with W Hotels some day too! Love the magnificent shots of this beautiful architecture! xoxo

  14. this is a beautiful building ! thanks for sharing your photos and experiences!

  15. WOW... nice indeed!