Monday, January 23, 2017

When Fillers is the Solution for my Cheek Wrinkles

It was my concern during the past few months about the wrinkles on my cheeks. Maybe I 'm getting old, or maybe I have gained weight, that's why my cheeks look a bit more plump these days. I love it, but also hate it at the same time, as I am not a fan of seeing the cheek wrinkles (at all), when I am not smiling. If you are 25+, you might probably know why I am worried about this issue. So, I did some research online about getting the fillers done in Bangkok, and the result was beyond what I had expected. Because, I came across more than 20 beauty/ plastic surgery clinics that offer what I was looking for. Some say that I am too young for this, while some say it's ok to do what I desire. Did I get it done? Scroll down to see the result. 

I was afraid to do it, not really sure if it was alright. Surprisingly, I came across the infographic of plastic surgery in Asia, conducted by YouGov, and it was pretty impressive because 51% of men and 48% of women tend to accept this trend nowadays. Unlike, in the past, when people seemed to judge those who got it done. I mean, sometimes I criticize those who have the addiction towards the plastic surgery, as it only makes them look worse. Also, some Hollywood celebrities are the bad trend setters for the young generation, because even some 16 years old kids these days want to have the lip fillers in order to get the sexy plump lips. Personally, I agree with YouGov, I feel like a non-invasive cosmetic treatment is alright, as long as, it's not the big transformation like changing the whole face. But, if it makes them feel great, so why not? 

Photo Courtesy to YouGov
Like I said, it's a trend here for women to get a white skin. I don't know what's wrong with the tan skin, as I personally love it! However, 70% of Thai girls love it white. The whiter, the better. When you are white, have a V-shaped face, with the skinny body like half size of Kim K, you will become famous instantly. You can see a lot of places that sell a 'big eye' contact lens, which help the eyes look bigger like a doll. So, 52% of the participants were right. In fact, I don't like this trend, and never will...Because it makes women look down on themselves, and just want to become perfect all the time. They will try to change this part to look more beautiful, or change that part to satisfy or compete against others. It's a norm, but where is the value though? So, the only reason why I considered the cheeks fillers was to make me feel more confident in the photos. 

It's normal to get the plastic surgery in Bangkok, Thailand because it's what women do. So, getting the fillers would be normal too, right? However, the only thing that bugs me is the injected 'chemical' Since, I don't know if it's going to affect my face in the future...Though, they said it's alright, it will be gone in xxx years, I am still doubting about it. There are some cases when people have a skin cancer due to these chemicals, so.... I might just wait until I am 30 years old to get it done or so. I still have this baby face, but just these wrinkles get me look at the mirror everyday *laugh* Therefore, one day when I get it done, I will tell you if it works or not :) But at this point, facial yoga would be my BFF for now. 

If you have your own opinion about this, you know you can contribute to the public by participating the online survey of YouGov too! Simply sign up via And you will be able to share your thoughts with the community. 


  1. You don't need fillers, you are gorge!

  2. Interesting article! I am too scared to do anything to my face so I'm hoping that all the anti-aging products I've been using religiously will prevent me from having to undergo cosmetic procedures haha xo, sharon

  3. you're still too young for a filler gail! i haven't noticed a single wrinkle on your face in your photos hehe. nonetheless it was a very interesting post to read!

  4. Thanks for sharing babe! I am getting quite old (mid 30's! Eeek!) but am trying to hold off on getting anything done until it's absolutely necessary! I don't want to start too early and then have to continue it forever haha
    I will definitely look at getting some fillers in the next few years though!
    x Emily

  5. Interesting!!! I'm well over 25 and have never even thought of getting fillers... but I love the way they look on others! I'm sure apprehensive and scared I'll get addicted! lol Great post!
    Thank you for visiting babe, hope to see you back soon to check out Part II of my wedding album!

    Xx- Julie | Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. Really interesting and effective article :)

  7. I loved reading your post, Gail, because it reminds me of the time before I had my nose surgery done in Bangkok too. I also researched a lot about it, changed my mind a lot, was nervous, etc. but in the end I still did it to boost my confidence and simply because it made me feel better to look better. Some people say it's superficial but it's my life and it made me happy so I don't regret it at all. I also used to have botox injection when I studied in ABAC Bang Na but that was a total disaster lol! My advice to you would be to do what you want to do and when you feel it's right. After reading your post it seems like you want to wait a couple more years before doing the cheek fillers and that's okay. Whether you do it or not though, I still think you're gorgeous no matter what! But it's also your own happiness that's important <3

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this very interesting piece! I had no idea about this all!


    Claire from Dresscape

  9. Oh my, you're so young and beautiful. You don't need that stuff; or at least not at such a young age. Very interesting article though. Thanks for sharing.

    Ann-Marie |

  10. Gail, you are so beautiful!
    I think you don't need cheek fillers.
    Now, not fillers is trend in Japan!!