Monday, September 11, 2017

Delicious Malaysian Food Street at SkyAvenue, Genting Highland

I felt like having a food coma in Malaysia's something normal...Well, especially provided by Resorts World Genting, this sponsor trip was pretty much fulled with delicious food, including the well-known Burger & Lobster, as well as, the authentic traditional Malaysian food we Thai travel bloggers tasted at the arts & cultural center. I am going to be honest with you, the photos which you are about to see below are our 'lunch' that was prepared after the hotel tour. Just only 2 hours after eating at the cultural center...Not included the pizza we all got to try for dinner at 6 pm...Ok, bring it on! 

This's how the food bloggers rolled. Seriously, the long bench with a wide variety of dishes was the heaven moment for me. But first, let's take a photo! As you know, being a food blogger of The Equinox Fashion, not only leading me to the opportunity of reviewing the food, but also the connection I have had with the culinary world. Today, I had a chance to eat everything on this table. I mean it, EVERYTHING! 

Honestly, everything came with a pack of bursting flavor! The Asian sensation is my most favourite. Trust me, the scent of the ingredients, fused with the juicy and yummy meat, I could literally die with happiness. Even the dessert here! The tender texture of the flour, served with the soft scent of the milk, I couldn't stop eating guys. 

Actually, I think everything I had today was the best food I ate during this trip. If you live in Asia, you will probably understand why we have the best food right here. 


  1. Wow, how yummy do these look! Making me hungry right now :)

    Funmi x

  2. Nom. Nom. Nom. lol. You are making it hard for me to be a fashion blogger! haha! Everything looks amazing! Do they have a spot in the US?

    L.E.N.A | Revealed

  3. Everything looks good especially the นำ้แข็งใส, when I went to China all I did was eat haha! Best thing to do when you're travelling xoxo


  4. Must be so fun and exciting attending and eating, I lived in Asia previously and I totally get you. The first photo looks so yum!

  5. wow!! all of this is making my mouth water! looks so amazing!

  6. Everything looks delicious!!

    William Shea

  7. OMG everything looks amazing!

  8. That looks soooo good!<3

  9. wow! Everything looks so good! I have never tried Malaysian food, but now I do want to try x


  10. the food looks so yummy and your pictures are just perfect, amazing quality :)
    now I want to go to Malaysia !

  11. Awww my god, that looks so delicious! And I'm so hungry at the moment :D

  12. Your food photos always look just so good !

  13. OMG! All of this looks so delicious. I'm literally drooling right now!

    xx, mel