Saturday, December 23, 2017

Handy Korean Hair Mask for Every Traveler

📍 Bangkok, Thailand

For those who love traveling, or if you are a travel blogger, you probably understand that packing is fun, yet frustrating sometimes. As a Thai travel blogger, packing has always been a big deal. Because, I am a fashion & travel blogger at The Equinox Fashion, I need to pack the statement pieces every time I off traveling (because you know I need the photos for Instagram and blog!) As well as, other accessories and beauty products...I am pretty sure most of you somehow relate to the situation that you just wanna give up packing since you seem to want to put everything in the suitcase. Well, I've been there (and always will be) However, I've found one of the items, which literally make my packing dilemma become easier. The handy Korean hair mask, the light-weighted packaging, yet able to professionally rejuvenate the hair during the journey

Some might say that "it's just the hair, why should I care?" Well, my audiences and followers of the Instagram@thequinoxfashion always remember me because of my ombre hair. So, to have that healthy glowing hair is very essential. Besides, this Nutrition Therapy Hair Pack by MQM MasQue Mate Korea has that 'anti-aging' formula, which doesn't rejuvenate the hair only, but also improve the volume, and good for dry and damaged hair (like mine) It comes with Amino acid and Keratin, which is a good protein for the hair obviously. 

Why I love this product? First, it's very handy. In short, I can just take it with me anywhere without considering the weight. Just one package is only 35g! Instead of putting a heavy hair mask container in the luggage, I think this can probably be a better choice. Second, it's not making a mess when packing. You know, if you want to take the hair care, such as shampoo & conditioner to another country with you, you need to put in a zip lock, or some containers that can prevent the undesirable mess. That's why, I don't have any concern for this hair mask pack at all. Last, you can use it anytime anywhere. Simply dry your hair after shampoo, then put it on and leave for about 20 to 25 minutes, there you go 'the healthy looking hair' Plus, it smells pretty good too! 

If you remember the previous post 'Why Avocado hair mask is good for your hair?' This is also another item I would recommend, especially for those who need the hair SOS while traveling. 


  1. oh thats a cool product. I should give it a try!


  2. This looks so awesome!! Thanks for sharing hun! Wish you a Merry Christmas! :)

  3. I heard Korean beauty products are the best ones!!!

  4. What a cute hair mask!
    I love abogado :)