Monday, April 8, 2019

How to Find Who You Are?

πŸ“Tokyo, Japan

One thing I really feel lucky is that I've found who I really am way too earlier than some others. I know who I am, and I know what I want. Of course, sometimes I get lost, get distracted and have no idea what to do or move forward. However, the more I grow up, the more I notice that my personality's been shaped to the point of no return. I've found my voice and I know what to do with it. As being Thai blogger of The Equinox Fashion for probably 7 years, I can see myself evolving to the full version of myself. Some people ask my "how to find who you are?" Work from Monday to Friday, go out for a drink, and so what?? I've been asked many times, and the only advice I can give is to "spend the time with yourself"

It's not like going out to the department store just to get the inspiration and go home. It's all about the "time we invest in ourselves" Trial and error, try and experiment everything in life. For me, my style is still the street style (since 2011) But I still know what I want to wear without following the rules. Talking about a personal style is way too simple right? But the most important question is deep down inside, who you are?

Seriously, I thought blogging would be my full-time career, but now it's not. I've been enjoying as a digital/creative agency more. Why? Because it is something I can totally find myself putting the value in it. Getting dress, buying clothes and so on is like the basic or foundation, which has push me to the level of a production. I have spent years to work with others, as well as, for myself just to see which direction I should go. However, life is all about making a decision right? Sometimes I know I make a bad one, sometimes I know I regret it. But, this is "life" From such experience, I've gradually found the voice inside my head. The happiness I had never noticed, but it's so strong that I've started to feel its presence. 

Not only trial and error from the career, but traveling also helps. As a travel blogger of The Equinox Fashion, from a sponsored trip to Malaysia, Japan, and many sponsorship from the hotels, to the solo trip I often create, everything has shaped me to be the person who I am in nowadays. Believe me, travelling alone is the best! It's the time I can get to know myself better than anyone else. Every decision I make, every people I encounter, everything is the most valuable experience you will never be able receive from anywhere else. 

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  1. Such a cute combo on you dear! Love how you styled the florals. So pretty casual look!

    Jessica |