Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Instagram Madness

'Balance you life' what does this even mean? It happened when I felt as if I wanted to shut myself down due to that kind of disgusting feeling towards social media in these days. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love the social media and digital marketing, but somehow that kind of pressure I had for the past few days made me wanna throw my phone away since I just couldn't stand Instagram and other medias anymore. Now I realize why some bloggers even say that they feel overwhelmed because of these platforms. The thing is I love to browse all the cool photos on Instagram, I have followed a wide variety of artists and National Geographic photographers because their masterpiece of artwork is truly beyond the word amazing. However, I had critically look at myself, as well as, other instagrammers during the past couple of days and I questioned myself 'What's the point of me posting photos and let the world know what's going on because actually nobody cares about it...' I felt utmost overwhelmed by the tension. Maybe it was just me, but to be honest I feel that Instagram is just another place for people to compete one another. 

I have 100K followers, I have 1,000 likes in each photos, I am out for the photoshoot, Omg look at me i'm a fashionista, look at me I just bought Prada...but truth is nobody gives a s***. Some people only like the photos only to increase likes for themselves. Have you ever had that person who's actually a stranger but suddenly like 10 photos of yours in a row? Maybe it's a blogger's norm I don't even know. I'm not gonna lie but I tried that strategy too! Is it work? Yes, it is! People will be able to notice you and your account more. However, the more I tried, the more I failed on balancing my serenity. Why? Because I felt like I had to be on the screen all the time, my eyes were in pain, also my mind was in a rush state yet desperate to get more likes. Some people may like this kind of tactic but I'm not. I would rather be at peace and let the work showcases of themselves. 

Especially the hashtag like #follow4follow #likesforlikes #shareforlike WTF are these hashtags for?! I used to love Instagram more in those days, but now it's only one of the networking tools we all use. I thought Instagram was a place for people who love to show their photos and other pieces of art but now it seems to be a place for the users to find their voices and become online divas. However, it still be one of the good networking places not only to showcase your stuff but also get to know others :)

Well, I still use Instagram anyway, so no more complaining lol 

Velvet black kimono- Pretty Little Thing


  1. I believe some people expect from other and never want to give back I'm to humble not to give a like or a comment back I do get a lot of good respond but I do not look at it like I'm famous I look at it like a job. Is good and bad some blogger get jealous and do not gives like all of a sudden the person you communicated stop coming to your blog since they started following you on IG. So doll do not let it bother you is just a job to advertise your blog and communicate with your followers your like and lifestyle. I also do not use follow4follow or like4like no need I'm real. These are the cutest images of you.

  2. Love the balloons - and I like to promote my love of photography there and be inspired by pictures, but I don't agree with spamming or competing, be the best version of you

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Fun look and pics!
    Love the hat!


  4. Love the outfit and the walls ! You look lovely !

    Win Pink in Tokyo clothing !

  5. ah, i do hate all those follow4follow comments and hashtags! i actually only follow or like someone because i like them or the content they put up, whether it be on instagram, twitter, blog or whatever:-) which is probably why i have so few followers as i never follow back, haha:') anyway, you look lovely in these! and re: your comment on my blog, we really do need to catch up soon! anytime you're in leeds just give me a text (or maybe i'll come and explore manchester)! xxx

  6. LOLZ....I hear yah, Gail. My Instagram is only for personal use, so it's private, but I do see a lot accounts that are used simply to get more likes on their own accounts...sigh....I don't follow those.:P

  7. Lovely photos and outfit! I totally get what you're saying though. It's more about the likes than the work itself which is a shame! So many people work so hard at their craft but to waste their time trying to get likes. I agree, the work should speak for itself! Hopefully things get better when it comes to social media. Hate to see things this way and it's nice to know that someone agrees!

  8. Great outfit Gail, the cat shirt is super adorable! Street style look perfected! I know what you mean about Instagram, it's definitely taken a turn in the last few years and for some fashion bloggers it can feel overwhelming. I think the best way is to do your own thing and not let the noise get to you. After all people will stay for the long run for you and not what you have on you :) xo~ Lena

  9. I love these pictures and the location you picked!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  10. Oh, such a lovely photos!!
    The picture of the wall is colorful and is interesting!


  11. The arts on the wall matches your outfit. So vibrant and happy.

  12. Your look is so style :)


  13. These are great photos and your views on Instagram and very interesting. With regard to people liking many of your photos after 'being strangers', I don't think they intend to grasp attention or at least I hope not, for when I stumble across an instagram account that I quite like, I tend to go through and anything that really catches my eye, I like! If that means 1 like, 5 likes or 10 likes, it doesn't really matter but it's never done with the intention of the person reacting in any sort of way. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but I hope I've settled your mind a little on that one! :)

    Have a lovely evening!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    1. Aww thank you so much hun! I don't have any problems about it but once it happened to me that I received lots of texts from my friends asking if I knew THAT person who just went to their accounts and started liking photos prolly 5/10/20 even though my friends posted just normal photos like even assignment from uni or etc. So whoever I post a photo on IG with, THAT person always go to the account page and start liking the photos until my friends follow her back...it just weird to me lol xx

    2. Oh right, I'm sure not I can be of much help with that then as that's never happened to me.. hmm, it sounds as though you've got yourself an admirer, Gail haha! :)

      Gabrielle x

  14. This is such a fun outfit!

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  15. Great photos, love the vibrant colours! Kisses from Liverpool :) xx

    Visit me on my blog, maybe follow each other?


  16. Yeah, I agree, it can be a lot of pressure to update all the platforms everyday, but sometimes I'll take a short break if I feel overwhelmed. you are doing a great job! keep it up

  17. Love your outfit girl! xx


  18. Love the beautiful vibrant colors in these pictures! Great shots!

    Bella Pummarola

  19. I think we all feel that way sometimes about social media. I just try to focus on the positive aspects of it such as how it can be useful for business. You look great in these photos! Love your outfit and the background <3


  20. Love the balloons!


  21. I actually disagree with you. I honestly do care about some of the people I follow and am truly interested in their latest purchases or where they are traveling to. I gain tons of inspirations through Instagram and I'm sure that a few people have gained inspiration through me as well. So I posting and trying to improve myself. But i understand completely what you mean.

  22. You definitely bring up some good points about Instagram -- and social media in general. For me, I like to follow those whose pictures really inspire me.. forget all those follow for follow peeps! :)

  23. Oh, so sorry that you were overwhelmed ... but honestly I decided not to use Instagram as I feared I could feel exaclty the pressure you describe here. Although I think for me it won't be as hard as I'm by far not as successful as you :) Nevertheless I wish you by all my heart that you will find your balance and I want to compliment you for your super cool and beautiful outfit and the perfect pictures of this blog post <3 Happy weekend!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

  24. Maybe the social medias have become too demanding, but still if one wants to keep up with time one has to use them. And I have learned a lots of new things too, so maybe it's not that bad ;-))

    new post

  25. I feel the exact same way sometimes haha, especially when I post stuff like pictures of food :P I always get people liking 10 of my photos in a row too- must be a blogger thing! I adore your outfit, the cat tshirt is cute

    Rachel xx

  26. Awesome! you looks really wonderful. Have a nice day :)

  27. Oh I'ms so sorry you feel that way. I just use Instagram to share pictures of fun thins and my family to my friends. I actually was so happy to have like 1000 followers, because I thought my blog was going the right way, but when I read your post, I get you. I do Instagram, blogging, acebook whatever all just for fun. I'm a working mum and this is just a kind of hobby to me. Maybe you should see it more in that way. Don't like stuff you don't like and just do it for yourself! You are faboulous anyways :-)
    x Mieke

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  28. I totally get you with some people. It can seem hard to feel like you're going anywhere when you log onto Instagram and see everything. But you should just focus on your accomplishments because I know they are great!
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  29. It was so nice to meet you Gail, you're too cute :) <3
    Oh and I totally love this photoshoot, where did you get that lovely balloons?!

    See you lovely xx

  30. I think everything is about finding the right balance. I had this period myself as well, scrolling endlessly on instagram and browsing through a zillion accounts. And you're right, it does not help anyone and in the end it even kinda sucks (and sucks your energy right out). Now i'm just doing it because i like it, and just visiting the accounts i truly like. In my opinion it's a great way to discover new artists/bloggers/people, and that's what it's all about right?

  31. Stunning top and I love your kimono !
    Cute photos. I do not use Instagram.
    Kisses :)

  32. oh how all the words you said about instagram is completely true. I love instagram but it can be quite overwhelming at times and even egotistic.
    Your style, lady, is amazing! I love everything about this outfit. You look gorgeous..


  33. I haven't been so active there recently, I have 100 followers but I have more likes than those with 800 followers, so it does not mean more followers really like your photos? It should not run my life, heck, I make money posting and selling my art stuff (not in instagram). I have no right to judge but I ask myself, how much time I put, why would I compete? Yes I have 100+ followers, I don't post designer stuff, but I can show them my savings account :)

  34. love that look! Let's follow each other on G+ and GFC? Or also in other social media if you want?