Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Dream or Family

Yesterday, I had a chance to be interviewed by Luna Vega regarding the topic about the difference between the fashion industry between Thailand and UK, as well as, some other topics such as The Equinox Fashion blogging experience, style, online retailers etc. During the interview, there were so many ideas, also honestly opinions toward the fashion industry in different perspectives popping up in my head. Somehow, it has made me realize that I am extremely happy to be back home in Bangkok, Thailand because I can spend my time with my beloved family and 16 years old dog which grew up together with me. Therefore, the question is should I follow "Dream or Family"

(This is going to be the sincere voice of mine, and you guys may have different opinions which I don't really mind listening to.)

Some of us might know that I love blogging, it is my f*** life and that is the reason why I set off to Manchester, United Kingdom in order to pursue my career because I think that UK is one of the biggest places for bloggers like us. I have had fun during London Fashion Week since 2013 to the latest, and I have received a really good opportunity collaborating with brands, as well as, a photo shoot with other forefront bloggers of UK. Everything's going great. Manchester is a great city and the blogger community is lovely, however, I have felt lately that it is still small for me. I grew up in big city life and Manchester is only 1/4 of where I am from. I have done everything strategically like what I have planned because I really have a strong passion for this industry. I am not gonna lie but most of us wanna become bigger people, gain reputation and more income. Me too, I wanna become influential blogger who inspire others not just showing my #ootd. I feel really blessed and proud of myself of how far I have become. I have started writing my blog with my own two hands and now it grows potentially. I have adapted what I have learned from my MA in marketing and applied to improve the effectiveness of my website. Idgaf about who's competing with who because I only compete with myself. And I don't care to use f words in this blogosphere because it is my voice, and I am not a girly person anyway. 

I have been running my online store called Hidden Treasure, selling quirky earrings. It is fun to come up with marketing plan and constantly improve my strategy. It maybe a bit slow but its process is going with the flow because I have to make sure that every stage is run effectively. It's great tbh because I feel more becoming a business woman :)

I have always wanted to move to either New York or London to pursue my career in blogging, however, I have been thinking over and over again if this decision is the right one. For me, career always comes first but now I am in Bangkok with my family, I feel really happy. For some reasons, it's kinda like hesitating my choices about moving and blogging. I only live once and I know it. I need to push myself and make this dream not to be just a dream, however, I feel really sad to make up my mind because if I can find a job and move to somewhere, that means I will never be able to see my family that often.

I really don't know what to do with my life, lots of confusions going on in my head. Or maybe I will see how things go when I'm back to Manchester next Saturday. We will see..


  1. I love those shoes!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  2. Cool look- I love your sweat!

  3. Love those jeans! It's so hard when your heart is torn like this, I always say in life there is no right or wrong choice and only you know what will make you happy. You're family will always be there for you to go back to if you choose to pursue your dreams, but you have to do what makes you happy and that's the most important thing, but I know that no matter where you are you will be a success :) xx

  4. Wow... everything looks amazing and thank you so much for your support!! I deeply appreciate it ;)
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  5. Love the look and the view !


  6. love your shoes dear!!


  7. Such a great view!
    And I love your pink shoes♡

    I am illustrator in Japan.
    So understand your feeling well,but let's keep going…!


  8. That's such a cool outfit and you look gorgeous!

  9. i can relate to how you're feeling, as although i love being in the uk and this is where i can see myself working, every time i have to leave my mum/family i do feel a bit hesitant. in the end i think that wherever i am, is the place i need to be in that moment:-) i'm sure that even if you're working in the uk/somewhere else, you'll get to go to see your family on holidays, and at least the technology is so advanced these days that it's really easy to keep in touch. and i'm sure that whatever you do, you'll know it's the right thing to do when the time comes! p.s. we should move to london together, hun! ;-) xx

  10. Hmmm... I hear you. A lot of us have faced this dilemma. Here is a little input, coming from someone much older and world weary. I took the other choice. Gave up my dreams for my family. They were happy. But I wasn't. Years later, I lost both my parents, the very people for whom I had made those sacrifices. So what was left after that? An empty, compromised life? I bet my folks saw that sadness in me. I now am trying to follow my dreams, and I do feel that it is never too late to do so. But why give up on them anyway? I am sure you will find a balance.

  11. Love the look

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  12. Very cool be interviewed! I love your look, tennis are very beautiful :)


  13. I read every words, and I read it twice.I know how you feel. I would say "if you can dream, you can do no matter what or where you are" Your family will be proud looking when you success. Pursue your dream, and always keep your family in your heart. They are your best energy. I am so fxcking sure that you'll make it in fashion Gail :)

  14. Good luck with everything and I hope you manage to figure everything out soon. xx


  15. I love reading about your experiences as a blogger. I can relate as sometimes I feel like I should move back to the US to be with my family as well, but then I realize I need to keep pursuing my dreams in Japan! :) keep doing what you love!

  16. i agree, that's the biggest dilemma of all! but i'm sure you'll make the best decision for yourself gail :) have a great time with your fam!

  17. Great pics!


  18. Love the ripped jeans!!! <3


  19. I feel the same way as you :/ I really wanna move to sydney- argghh!! Loving those ripped jeans :) Just checked out your earrings and they are super cute too :) Would love to do a blog collaboration about them

    Rachel xx

  20. it seems like there are more bloggers in the UK. Packing up and moving is a really tough decision and it is hard, being that NY is physically far from where your family is. What would make you happy? I always go with my gut feelings, and if I know I keep thinking about one specific thing, I know I need to go forward with it and try it out or else I will never stop thinking about it. Though this is a hard choice but whatever you decide, it is your decision. good luck! :)


  21. I am glad you are enjoying your blog and hitting the goals you have set for yourself :)

    It is tricky deciding where to live and what to focus on - but the wonderful thing about blogs is that it's online so you can work at it no matter where you are in the world :) I guess it's trickier if you want to go to fashion weeks though, you have to be where they are!

    Away From The Blue

  22. Beautiful and nice