Friday, May 8, 2015

How Sunglasses Help Me Blog ?

If you have a chance to visit my other personal platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram, you may be able to notice that most of my photos are the looks or outfits matched with sunglasses. Have you ever wondered why these pieces are the must have items of mine? 

If I were you, I would literally ask ‘why this girl always wear the sunnies in every photos? Why she usually conceal her face? Truth is, wearing sunglasses help me blog, while boosting my confidence up to level 99 when my eyes are so sensitive to the sunlight that I can’t even look straight. 

I did mention in the last year's post when I partnered with Firmooeyewear about my eyes’ condition. So, it has been years since I have worn the sunnies no matter where I go because my eyes feel much relieved. Somehow, I have been wearing these accessories since I was 19 years old when I lived in Florida, and we know that the heat in that state is really strong. Maybe I can call this behavior as an addictive…but I do love it since this addiction helps in preventing my eyes from being damaged by the UVA and UVB, the two dangerous factors are affecting on both our skins and eyes. Sometimes, I also think that wearing the sunglasses in every single photo makes me look like a mysterious person LOL it is like why I can’t just show followers or others how do I really look. Have you ever had this similar thought btw? 

I am not gonna lie but when I look at others' profiles on Instagram, I also wonder why they have to wear the sunglasses all the time? But then I look back at myself and realize 'yea I am one of them' lol.

I don’t feel confident when taking photos on the street or being surrounded by others tbh. I just don’t like when people look or stare at me, it makes me feel nervous. Therefore, another reason why I can’t let these items go is because it boosts my confident when taking photos. Some of you may know that I don’t really use make up (at all). I don’t even use the foundation, blemish or anything except the eye-liner (occasionally) because I am too lazy to remove it *laugh* That is why the eyewear can really help me in public.


  1. Sunglasses make your outfit look cool so that's also a plus! Love your oufits!

  2. Love your outfit, the t-shirt is awesome!

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  3. Love a good pair of sunnies and if it boosts your confidence, they why not. xx


  4. och, perfect outfit! perfect hat <3
    LOVELY <3

  5. I also cannot be without sunglasses outside my eyes are very sensitive. Firmoo is a great glasses company nice review.

  6. I love firmoo glasses and also sunglasses really adds a nice touch to our outfit <3

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  7. my eyes are sensitive as well and i should wear sunglasses so much more often, but i've just never gotten into the habit of doing so, even though i've tried! will have to take your example and become one of those people though, haha! xx

  8. You look amazing in Sunnies! I love that you wear them all of the time!
    Melanie @

  9. Yeah now you say it it's true that you are often wearing sunglasses but it looks so cool on you!
    And so I was really Lucky to see you without sunglasses last time :)

    See you Gail xx

  10. Yep, I know dat feel when people stare at us when try to make a pose! haha it's blogger problem :p
    I love your sunnies and your outffit!

  11. I can definitely understand the logic behind this, they are great little confidence boosters and it always pays to protect your peepers! YOu do look quite mysterious, I'd never thought about it before. ;)

    Tara x

  12. even though you eyes may be sensitive to sunlight, you are actually doing a good thing for yourself by protecting your eyes with your stylish shades! I'm probably not as sensitive but I should be wearing my sunglasses more haha

  13. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this to us and have an awesome day! :D

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  14. Cool look, and I love your sunnies.

  15. I love sunglasses, too.
    The sunglasses are the items which are indispensable to me.

    Then your tops are always great!
    It is unique and cute♡


  16. Love this outfit! Sunglasses help to boost my confidence also <3

  17. That purple jacket in the last picture looks so cosy! :)

    I think if sunglasses make you feel confident then you should keep wearing them :) We should all wear things that make us happy.

    Away From The Blue

  18. Looking perfect as always Gail! Is that like the whole cast of the Simpsons on your shirt? AMAZING- I must have one!! I'm the same, I'm WAAAY more confident taking photos in public in sunglasses

    Rachel xx

  19. Awesome look and pics :)
    Nice blog!

  20. I always like to wear sunglasses too, even in the winter. They make me feel powerful! I love your Simpsons dress!


  21. Perfect top Gail ! I love sunnies even in the Winter ! You are adorable. Kisses :)

  22. I always seem to close my eyes when taking blog photos so maybe I should wear sunglasses XD I can't seem to find any small enough for my tiny head :') xx

  23. That t-shirt is SOOOOOO AMAZZZZING!! And that plum vest and jacket rocks!!!! INCREDIBLE babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  24. super cute outfit!

  25. Ididn't knew sunnies was such a huge deal for you, for me it's high heels!!

  26. That tee is so funky; I frickin' LOVE it! x