Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Equinox Fashion x Create and Case

Recently the weather has been nice here in the windy city, and I absolutely happy about it because finally I could wear shorts outside the house (First time since I moved to Manchester). I feel more myself when I can wear shorts and oversized tank-top because I am from the hot country where I always purchase those items. However, I have been teaming up with 'Create and Case' Handmade artist designs available in a wide variety of products such as smartphone cases, bags, purses etc. 

Actually, I am a fan of the tote bag because I am the type of person who carries everything with me including makeup bag, phone, (big) headphone, book, hand gel, hand cream etc. As a result, it takes me ages just to find that one small item like the key when everything mingling together. (I guess it is normal for us, right?). To be honest, I love gadget with all my heart especially the headphone. Some of you may know that I am the mother of headphone because I take it with me everywhere. I am not gonna lie but I feel so stoked and happy every time people send me gadgets. For example, I just received the portable speaker from the giveaway of The Equinox Fashion and Get The Label, and seriously I use it almost 24/7. I always be inspired and motivated my the music, so it is normal for me to put something on while I am working, showering or even cooking. 

When I go outside, I put the headphone on and that's the reason why I can't hear anything but music which is bad sometimes. Lots of my friends told me that they saw me at the department stores but I have never turned around to say hi because I couldn't hear they called my name (lol) I don't know guys I feel like I am in the space every time I put such gadget on. 

Anyway, (back to the outfit lol) I decided to match this Color Blocking Tote with my all time favourite silver wedges by Jeffry Campbell which are so heavy (2 kg I think ). So , I wouldn't recommend to wear them all day unless you want to build the legs'muscle. I actually love the colour of the bag because it is a soft bright palette that can be worn with almost anything. It is big enough to put every thing inside too! 

Good for Summer eh?

Bag- Create and Case
Earrings- Hidden Treasure


  1. I love your outfit ! 💕


  2. I love your location! Such a cool bag :) xx

  3. that bag is so cute and it really suits your style <3

    1. It looks indeed fabulous with your outfit, Gail! Love the creepers!


  4. Love the shoes, just ordered one pair of silver shoes a while ago. The street swag style suits you

    Greetings from London!



  5. For me it's the same: I'm also always very happy when it is warm enough for shorts as I love it to wear them! Fortunately at the moment in Bavaria it is warm enough and I'm sitting here on my desk with denim shorts :) You look really cool in your look and I mean I can directly feel it that you feel very comfortable with your look.
    xx Rena
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  6. I swear I would never wear those shoes..LOL! It's great to hear that you wear shorts Gail. Congrats for another step, creating with Create and Case.

  7. I love that shirt!
    melanie @

  8. I really like this outfit. Love the shoes but if they are that heavy I couldn't last in them long.


  9. Ohhh!
    I love your big bag!
    It is dreamy, cool, and beautiful♡♡
    I want to it!


  10. That bag is soooo amazzzing! And love your NY top!!! SOOO rad and awesome babe!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  11. I love your dress!
    I like your blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    If yes, let me know at my page ;)
    Fashion PARIS

  12. Amazing pics!! love the shoes and the bag!! they look great

  13. Very cool bag! Love it!!

  14. Amazing look darling !
    Hope to see you soon

    New post is on >>>> <<<<

  15. So pretty, I loved your shoes :)

  16. Great look! I love you bag :D

  17. I know how you're feeling about the music/ gagdet thing, but I believe it's a good thing because music supports our emotions, so listening to it is essential in my opinion. Also, I love the outfit you wore - especially the t-shirt - as I'm so into those oversized/ sporty shirts right now. Great!

  18. Great look! I'm loving your ombré hair <3
    The bag and shoes are such a statement :)

  19. Your outfit looks so stylish and cool! The shoes and the purse work really good together.


  20. That tote bag is gorgeous! Glad to hear the UK weathers finally getting good enough to wear shorts :)

    Rachel xx

  21. loving that bag!

  22. Qué guapsiimaaaaaaaaaaaa, ese bolsito es perfecto junto con el sweater!!! un besazoooooo

  23. Cool look! Love your cute bag!

  24. I love this outfit! The tote bag is so cute!

  25. This tote really seems to be in fitting with your personal style and I'm all for large bags, as I also carry around quite a lot with me (.. says the girl obsessed with teeny-tiny cross-body bags at the moment)!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


  26. That bag is gorgeous :) Works so well with the black and white shirt!

  27. This is such a cool outfit! Love it!


  28. Always so unique and beautiful Gail :)

    - Mariah-Ruthel