Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I Have Nothing to Wear #OOTD

"I have nothing to wear" Cliche quote yet still happens in our daily lives including myself. Sometimes, I really do not know what to wear, though there are a lot of pieces compiled in my wardrobes. I think it is not like we have nothing to wear, but in fact, we have worn the same things over and over, therefore, we just simply don't know what is the new look anymore. That is how I feel towards my clothes since I have just been recycling everything again and again. However, it is not that bad to wear the same things because accessories can absolutely change the style of each #ootd look. Whenever, I feel lacking the motivation in styling, hat and faux fur jacket always be my favourite on-the-go items. 

Whenever I decide to go to the gym, seriously, I can't be a*** dressing up for the day. I preferred to wear the work out shorts, with the American flagged crop-top, yet I didn't want to look that boring on a street. So, I matched the sporty #ootd with this 2nd hand faux fur item I bought from my friend, as well as, H&M hat which I have worn all the time. I think 80% of my Instagram photos are the outfit photos with this hat on anyway lol. 

I truly loved this sporty and comfy look because it saved my time in preparing the gym gear, and the photo shoot since I knew exactly what I could wear, even on a day like this. In my opinion, It is not bad to recycle our clothes because I believe that we will be able to spice up the styles eventually. 

*I am terribly sorry for such a short message in this post since I went back home at 4 a.m. last night (or maybe in the morning), therefore, I still need to charge the energy while I am writing at the moment. 


  1. Love the coat !


  2. That is my saying every morning I prefer to be in comfy clothes so I get you with the shorts which looks stunning on you.

  3. I agree that sometimes you feel like you have nothing to wear because you're uninspired in the moment. If you look through the back of your closet you're bound to find something different than what you've been wearing non stop.


  4. You look super stylish when you go to the gym hun! This jacket and hat top the look off perfectly :) I think it's really fun to try and style clothes different ways for different outfits

    Rachel xx

  5. I like this jacket because it is super hot

  6. That coat so cool :)

    Sonya Thaniya
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  7. I too have this problem most days. I pick one piece out that I want to wear and dress things that I think would match around it, yet that takes me ages due to taking nearly every single piece out of my wardrobe :')

    Isobel x
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  8. Haha, great topic, Gail!! I love recycling my stuff and it's totally about comfort! Lovely (re-)styling, Gail. ;)


  9. Gail, your talking always gives me happy!
    I also wear same OOTD for working alone in my room :)


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  11. I'm the same way, I have a lot of clothes, but always think 'I have nothing to wear' sometimes have to stop and think of other ways to use the same piece of clothing... By the way, I love your outfit! <3

  12. I really love the look with the cool shorts and the striped shirts and I know also the days when I have nothing to wear :) Or let's say nothing which fits to my mood or the upcoming occasion :)
    Enjoy your weekend!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  13. U.S. colors! how cute :) I always feel like that when I get up in the morning ><

  14. Wow!! Great post. Love the outfit. :)

  15. Cute style, your jacket is gorgeous. Kisses :)

  16. Lovely sporty look! :)

    I often have days where I feel uninspired and think there is nothing in my wardrobe to wear, haha!

    Hope you had a merry Christmas!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  17. It's just wow!! Your outfit is looking just fabulous. Coat is complimenting your dress. Thanks for sharing!!

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