Friday, January 15, 2016

Body Con White Cape Dress

There are two reasons why I have decided to have a body con white cape dress in my wardrobe. 1) It can be worn for many occasions. 2) It is easy to pair with either black accessories, or a pop of colors like pastel or neon. Though, they say 'white is the new black', black is such a classic and fierce color (Yes! I am talking about all black, monochrome street style inspo look). Such powerful palette has been The Equinox Fashion's signature color for years, as it can be seen that I have worn nothing else. However, having a pure divine white dress can also save our lives in many situations, especially a formal occasion. Though, I do not really have a lot of white selections, this luxe piece can be repeatedly worn without a doubt. 


Yes, it is not an easy option when it comes to the formal moment when we are required to wear like a classic pro. Besides, the big question is how to look chic or freshen up in a total white look? However, Kim K in a white caped dress has proved to the social media that somehow white is not that boring color. In fact, she stunned the cameras with the fashionable pregnancy style, which was all over the internet in the next day. So, I guess maybe the intention of owning this gorgeous piece is not a bad idea after all (Thanks Kim!).

We can easily take advantage of the white dress by wearing it to a lot of events, including formal, as well as, informal ones. We just can't wear a black #ootd to attend every occasion, can we? Therefore, it is still necessary to have a least one beautiful white item kept in a closet just in case. 


Without a cape detail, this dress would look completely like any other dresses sold in a market. As mentioned about Kim's style, I really like how this dress was designed with a sheer cape detail at the shoulders. It reminds me of the structured cape blazer as seen on a lot of fashion bloggers on the Instagram, online retailers like ASOS, Missguided, also even Pinterest's fashion boards. It was fun pairing this outfit with some other black props I had. First of all, Dr. Martens were the right choice that popped up in my head before anything else. I wore these leather heels with a two-toned sequin dress and I loved how the street brand like Dr. Martens looked so good with a sparkling party dress. Second, I love wearing a hat, so why not? I did not want to look that dress up because it was a bit cold (don't let the sunshine deceive you, this is Manchester!). 


  1. Stunning from heat to toe. I love the dress and the bag is super cute.

  2. Love that clutch !


  3. Adding a fedora and dr martens is so you Gail, your style is always unique, I just love it! xD

    Isobel x
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  4. Your YES bag caught my attention, Gail! Great picks. Happy weekend, dear

  5. The entire outfit is divine you look stunning.

  6. So fab! I love the cape effect of the dress... I agree it kinda look ike a coat hang on the shoulders. :)

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  7. You are so elegant!
    I would love GIVENCHY white dress!!!


  8. I love how versatile the color and style of this dress is. Nice!

  9. such a pretty dress. and i love your clutch too!

    xo, Carla

  10. You look gorgeous!


  11. That dress is so pretty! I love the cape part.
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  12. I love the dress and the bag, you look so so so stunning. You have a new follower dear :)xoxo

  13. i love these photos the light is so pretty :)

  14. Great outfit, love the clutch xoxox

  15. Love the outfit is so georgous.

  16. Dear Gail, now you inspired me to have also a white cape dress in my closet! Many thanks for the inspiration, I see it is versatile and you look definitely perfect in your look <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. Pretty style, love it
    Do you want to follow each other?

    have a lovely day Adela Acanski

  18. this is such a clean and crisp look gail:) i don't think monochrome should be considered dull or boring at all! in fact, i personally think it's quite the opposite! ;) have a love week gail!

  19. I have been looking for a sleek white dress, and cannot stop loving this on u. Plus that clutch - Awesome.
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  20. i've not often seen you in a dress, but you look amazing! the dress is such a lovely piece to add to your wardrobe, really pretty and an interesting design! i'm also loving that clutch. and i was sure you were out of manchester because these pictures look like summer, haha! xx

  21. Hi Gail, I hope you are having a wonderful time in Bangkok visiting your family! You are looking HOT in this white, cape dress- Kimmy K: eat your heart out! The clutch is super cute too

    Rachel xx

  22. I adore cape dresses, though am yet to try one for myself yet! I really like how the cape attachment of this particular one is sheer, whereas the bodycon dress absolutely isn't (an issue often encountered with white clothing) - perfect! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  23. You are very pretty and elegant. I love this feminine style on you :)