Monday, January 11, 2016

Daily Workout Routine to Get Rid of Weight Insecurity

I have gained weight since I moved to Manchester due to the amount of food I heavily consumed during 2015, and I am extremely not happy about it. Whenever I look at my own reflection in front of the mirror, I feel quite discouraged to wear whatever I want because of that unwanted tummy, and bigger thighs I didn't ask for. Well, I guess we all have been through the moment, when we just can't wear the same old favourite jeans anymore. When I was in Bangkok, Thailand, I was skinnier than this because I literally worked out every day, also the food was more variety than here in the UK. However, I just cannot blame the food anyway, no one has to take the responsibility but myself. Recently, I have started to feel better about my body weight because I have been to the gym more often, while setting my mind with a 'can-do' attitude in order to bring my old body back. 


To be honest, it is not that easy to not think about what the society has expected the ideal women to be. I do not know if you notice, but I love wearing over-sized clothes because I want to cover my body which I call it 'fat' The photos on The Equinox Fashion's Instagram look perfectly fine, yet there are a lot of thoughts going on in my head. Every day, I have to look at my self-reflection in order to see how big my thighs are."Really, why they are so fucking big." says myself while pinching the disgusting cellulite I can spot. It happens during the photo shoot too. I have to ask my boyfriend every time whether I look fat in the photos 'babe am I fat? babe can we take it again, I look so fat' These words keep repeating over and over, sometimes it makes me frustrated with myself. However, I have made a decision to feel better about myself since I can't just take it anymore. I hate myself cursing my own body, it just sounds so horrible. At least, I don't use a photoshop to make my body look slim, and I will never do that. Therefore, I have replaced such negative thinking to a positive one, and started to take care of myself better than ever. It makes me feel better about myself, as well as, encourages me to wear whatever I want without caring what others going to think about my clothes. Believe it or not, just one decision has completely boosted my confidence in every aspect.


I have never had an excuse not to work out, only when I am sick. Call me crazy, I go to the gym at 11 pm almost every day. I love jogging around the neighbourhood, but it is too cold. So, going to the gym is the best thing for me right now. I DO NOT SKIP ANY MEALS, but I reduce the portion, also carb and dessert. I have been to the gym for probably 3 or 4 years, but Youtube is one of my most effective workout routines because there are a lot of Kickboxing videos I LOVE! I love doing kickboxing, I love to feel the pain in the next day, it is a good feeling as it assures that the muscles are totally worked out. 

At the gym, I love walking on a treadmill, but my choice is to set up the inclination to level 10-13. It sounds tough, but it burns calories faster than a normal running (for me). Besides, I love doing some muscle workouts such as legs, and arms. In short, a total body workout is a must. 

Trust me, nothing is better than feeling good about yourself :)

Total look- Pink Soda


  1. So cute!

    Happy Tuesday!
    xoxo Suzy ( ˘ ³˘)♥

  2. I always say if you eat in moderation and keep a regimen that meets your need no need to torture yourself with a bad diet and exercise that do not work miracle. You are heading toward the right direction I know you could do it doll the most important thing is feeling healthy.

  3. with a cute outfit like that i'd be motivated to work out every single day! and i agree, if you're confident with your body and inner-self it will naturally shine through :) have a great week gail!

  4. great way to start your year in cute workout gear and a strong mindset!! good luck :)

  5. I love this outfit its great
    I also need to start exercising atleast walking a bit

  6. I needed to read something like this. Especially today. Today morning I realised I cannot fit into my office pants anymore. I feel you girl (Though I dont think you need to lose weight)..

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  7. You look amazing!


  8. Hey Gail, you look so different in your sporty outfit. Something so refreshing & love your outfit! xoxo

  9. Cute bralette and leggings, so perfect for a workout :)

    - Che

  10. It can be so hard to feel good about yourself sometimes. Especially when you factor in how the "ideal" woman is supposed to look like. None of us exactly look like that but we all have something special and unique to offer.


  11. Gail, first of all let me say how awesome to read somebody talking about this topic. There are a lot of tips on the internet but they are kinda not real. BUT YOU! And I totally appreciate your honesty. I'm also working out with YouTube ( at least twice a week. Sometimes I'm too lazy... lol
    And YOU'RE NOT FAT, babe!!


  12. Oooh, I really love your cap!! When I was in Bangkok, I was also wayyyyy skinnier than I am now lol. I think it's because in Thailand, people are more concerned with their weight and appearance, so I made sure to stay skinny. Also, the delicious spicy food helped to speed up my metabolism as well. Unfortunately, now that I've gained weight, I'm too lazy to work out :(

  13. Dear Gail, for me you are looking good but for sure it is important you are satisfied with yourself! I agree to Jackie btw :) and I'm sure you will be able to fulfill what you want!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena
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  14. It's so lovely to hear you plan on taking care of yourself and not beating yourself up anymore, I think you look wonderful Gail! These workout clothes are beyond perfect too - I tend to workout in all black so it's nice to see someone injecting colour into their fitness-wear :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  15. Your outfit for gym is so cool!!!


  16. The workout clothes are close fitting without being too tight. (I have 35" hips & got a size small). The pink waistband is made of a stretching knit & there is no added elastic band. As a result, there is little to no muffin top!