Monday, May 23, 2016

A Letter from A Dog Lover

I think true love exists. I mean not only human to human, but also human to animal. As some of you may know my situation and the reason why I have not been involving on social media that much, just so you know the only love I have have recently passed away to the heaven on Sunday. Obviously, he means the world to me (I am still going to use a present tense because that is how I feel, though he is not here anymore) and of course I am very devastated...If only I could imagine that this was just a dream...

Back to 1999 when I was took him to our family. He was a guard dog by the way, so he was not friendly to any strangers (only family members). To tell you the truth, I think dog is a human's best friend (a cat too!) and to wake up without him is just a nightmare. 17 years of friendship...Can you believe this? He always there whenever I needed him. For example, when I stressed, or cried, etc. He ALWAYS THERE FOR ME. My dog never judged who I am. It's completely unconditionally love. The real love I couldn't find anywhere else. Since he passed away, I have missed him every day and will always be. I still do not know how to cope with my life right now because I am very sad. I hope time can help me to get through this. It might take time, but I will be able to live normally again. 


  1. I'm so sorry your pup pass on, This brought me to tears because I do understand the bond between a human and their dogs they are family. The love you get from them it so pure. I hope to god he could put you at peace knowing your pup is not suffering no more. My condolences.

  2. I'm really, really sad to hear of your dog's passing - especially after 17 years of friendship. I've no doubt you'll hold on to the lovely memories you've got from your time with him. Thinking of you Gail. x

  3. Nice photo.


  4. I'm really sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. I know how much a pet becomes a family member, it's certainly not easy. Thinking of you.

    With love,

    Laura xo

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I can understand what you are going through now.

    xoxo Eva |

  6. I'm so sorry to hear about the passing of your dog. My heart goes out to you, losing a dog is never easy. Take your time xx

  7. I'm sooooo sorrrrry babe! Sending so much love your way! WE are total dog lovers too and know that your baby is on the rainbow bridge now.
    Love to you! xoBeckerman Girls

  8. It's heartbreaking losing your best friend...I've felt this loss before. I also own 2 other dogs and if I lost them through something like this i too would be devastated. Thoughts are with you Gail and I hope you recover from this heartache. <3

    Isobel x

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  9. I literally cried while reading this, I honestly feel your pain, my friend. I know there are no words that I can write to console you it's a matter of allowing yourself to grief and be human. It's never easy loosing someone or a furry love and we do have to allow ourselves to go through the grieving process. You will never forget him and the memories you've shared because they've contributed to making you the individual you have become over these past 17 years. Just know that I'm grieving with you and you have a friend who's with you in thoughts and prayers. Sending you lots of love, my beautiful friend, and a huge hug.



  10. So sorry to hear about your loss! it's always painful to lose a member of the family, and pets are definitely family members. I always count Cooper as one of my kids when people ask how many I have - he was our first baby! :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  11. I'm so sorry that he didn't make it.. he will always be with you in heart and spirit guarding you and your family<33

  12. Thanks dear!

    OMG, so bad :( I'm so sorry for this!!!
    Keep strong!

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  13. i am sorry about your dogs passing :( at least you had 17 good years

  14. Gail I am so very sorry for your loss I know this pain to well and although the sadness never really goes away you slowly learn to deal with it and remember the happier times you shared together. We lost our dog Bo (also a Bangkaew who looked a lot like your dog) several years ago and I still miss seeing him around the house, I also lost my labrador James a few years ago and that really hurt me because I had hand reared him as a baby so he was like a son to me to, he had kidney problems and unfortunately I was in the UK at the time so it broke my heart I couldn't be with him to nurse him through those last moments so I'm happy your dog had you there to love him through it all. If you need anything I'm here for you and if you want a break from the city you're very welcome to come stay with me in Chiang Mai xoxo


  15. Oh I'm so sorry to hear this, I can just imagine how you feel. My dog is like my baby and I spend every single day with him so I know how heartbreaking this must be for you but you have all your happy memories and friendship to cherish. Sending lots of hugs xx

  16. lo siento mucho, he pasado por esto y se lo que es y como duele, solo decirte que fue muy feliz contigo. un beso

  17. i'm still so sorry for your loss. i can imagine how heartbroken you must be since the one most awful thing to happen to me was when my cat died. i believe true love between humans and animals is very real as well. it'll get easier but it'll also always be hard i think, but i hope you're starting to feel better little by little! <3

  18. So cute,I am so sorry for your dog,I know how is to lose a bound so strong..because I lost my dog too, few years ago.
    You will get through this,just be grateful for the time spent together and that you had the chance to make such a beautiful connection.

    Alexandra ~ Impavid Blog

  19. :( I know what you mean. I've had many family dogs and five years ago brought my own puppy home for the very first time... every goodbye is a chip in the heart, a scar so deep yet beautiful. Whenever you feel down about your baby just think about what a good life you were able ti give him. So many animals suffer and yours had a chance at a great life with people who loved him. <3

  20. I'm so sorry to learn of your loss, Gail! I'm sure your pet is in a better place now. Rest well & take time off to recover. Take care, dear!

  21. Sorry for loss :( I swear pets are literally like your kids or best friend!

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