Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Save Money Wisely

Have you ever felt that shopping with the limited budget is quite annoying? I am one of those people who concern about the budget every time when I go shopping either by myself or with friends. However, I have been able to save a big amount of money in order to spend freely, while pay for my Master Degree's tuition fee by the technique of "discovering people more often

Being a girl is hard when it comes to savings since we all love shopping I assume. We want to buy the latest products online, we want to purchase that new cosmetic goods and we want to buy something to make us feel good. When I first started saving some bits of money from working, I looked at my own reflection and asked "Am I gonna make it at all?...." I had tried several methods in order to keep some of my money away from the shopping center until I went to some countries where the living standard is quite struggling. They don't even have any opportunities to eat good food, or have pure&clean water to use. It has made me realized that how lucky I was. After I came back from travelling, I have started to take time walking on the street and looking at how others live their lives. Every time when I want to buy high-end brand or any expensive goods, I always remind myself with this question

 "$$$ for just one bag, when some people can really use $$$ for like a month...what I am even doing at this shop?..." Then my desire for such items vanish automatically. 

It is ok to pamper yourself from hardworking days because we are working hard to earn a living, but sometimes It's wise to save your money today so that it will become the big investment for you in the future. Here are some tips that actually effective for me. 

1. 40% goes to my saving
     Normally, when I get paid, I always keep 40% of the money to my saving account so that I will be able to track and increase the amount in each month. I have 2 different saving accounts; 1)Saving 2)Spending. For the first type of account, I don't even have an intention to do an ATM card or whatsoever since I just want the money to grow like a blooming flower. However, I do have money to spend from the second type of my account which I allow myself to have a debit card in order to spend on whatever I want. 

2. When you see something that so on trend, think twice

     It is normal when you REALLY wanna buy something when it is so viral online. However, just think that there are gonna be at least 10 girls who wear the same pieces like you and at least one of them would style like you. So, do you still want to be one of those girls with the same clothes? Whenever, this idea pops in my heard, I'm like "meh" Lol

I am not convincing that these strategies would work for everybody out there, but at least it works for me :) 

Pink coat- Primark
Top- Chicnova

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Much love ขอบคุณมากน้ะคะ :)


  1. Great tips for saving money love the pink coat.

  2. Very nice look ! I love the jacket so much !

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  3. Great tips and I love your outfit girl! xx


  4. Agree with the comments above, Gail:) Awesome tips, and that pink coat totally rocks!

  5. In love with this pink coat Gail!

  6. Great tips on saving, I should take your advice to think twice before jumping on a style wagon! :) :) xo~ Lena

  7. Love the pattern on your tee and your coat is just amazing!
    Nilu Yuleena
    BIG hair LOUD mouth

  8. LOVE THAT PINK LOOK and you make the right point Gail,I think of yesterday when I was in front of my "crowded" closet. I thought to myself "how crazy I am when shopping especially there's leopard print of everything (LoL). From now on,I'll spend wisely..I promise :)

  9. Great tips and gorgeous look!
    Love that coat!


  10. You're a very wise girl, mature for your age!! Well done!!
    And I see you manage to dress well anyway, the pink coat is stunning!!


  11. oh, me encanta tu jersey, es precioso

  12. this is really good advice! thank you :) I really hope your trip will happen <33

  13. so in love with your hair and great tips<3 would you like to follow each other? let me know!

  14. The pink coat looks great on you! Great little tips, I'm always trying my best to save money :) xx

  15. I totally agree - I don't spend a lot on fashion but look for quality. I do always think about what I can get for that money elsewhere :)

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Fashion Beauty - www.brittonloves.blogspot.co.uk

  16. Nice tips and great look! Love the layering of different shades of pink!

  17. great tips!! i completely agree with you on everything!

    great outfit! totes adore you hair!!!


  18. Love the sweater :)


  19. I love the outfit! That neon pink coat is incredible!
    Melanie @ meandmr.com

  20. Great money saving ideas! Also, I absolutely love your pink coat!

    Bella Pummarola

  21. I am also trying to save money every month by thinking twice before buying something new!
    Actually, these strategies ara really helpful Gail thanks for sharing :)

    See you xx

  22. Love the coat, so bright and perfect for these dark months! <3

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  23. You are not only stylish but also really clever as I'm convinced your saving tactic works! Thanks for sharing and as usual I like your super cool outfit <3 Especially the coat is such a dream!
    xx from Germany/Bavaria, Rena

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  25. Such a lovely and stylish!!
    This vivid pink coat is so cute♡♡
    And, I love Alice tee!
    You are perfect!


  26. I really enjoyed this post. Your tips are very useful! It is easy to forget sometimes that other people are struggling, but I will keep this in mind the next time I want to make a high-end purchase.


  27. Your pink coat is so chic. I wouldn't believe its from Primark. Also a very informative post.

  28. Great strategies! I always think about how often I'm going to wear something if its very expensive! And your outfit is divine :)

    Rachel xx

  29. haha, we're saving money twins! i could never justify spending on something really expensive when it could pay my rent for a couple of months or when i compare the amount to people who genuinely have nothing. i'm not judging people who have all the latest designer items either, but i just can't see myself doing it. and that is so true about not buying the same thing everyone else has! lovely post, gail honey! also, your coat is so lovely and bright! xx

  30. You look so cute in that pink coat! :) I also save 40% of my income but feel as if I should save more, I can't stop shopping! ;)

    Tara x

  31. Perfect pink coat and I really love your tee :)

  32. Love the bright pink coat x