Sunday, May 31, 2015

Don't Expect Others to Change

There always be the moment when we wish we could change the behaviour of others to satisfy what we are expecting them to be. Why he keeps procrastinating? Why she always late? However, I found it kinda annoying to wait for the change which to be honest it might not even gonna happen. Sometimes, it makes me feel frustrated why such annoying behaviour can't be altered and why it is so hard for some people just to think logically of what to do or what not. Eventually, it only drives us crazy or even insane for some of us who have high hope in changing others' behaviour. Well, keep thinking positive is good, but personally I would rather change my attitude and don't expect others to change for me because it can be hard and chances are it may or may not going to happen

I am not a perfect human-being, so there are both positive and negative energies run in me all the time. However, I keep telling my mind to be calm and peaceful by reading lots of self-improvement books and they really effectively work on me. Recently, I have been in a situation of relationship diverse when everything seems to fall apart. I got angry, frustrated and couldn't cope with it because I expected the other one too much. 

I always think that relationship might not be the final goal of my life because I am more than happy to live my life happily and pursue my dream no matter what it takes. So, I always go with the flow with the situation. Having hope with someone you love is a risk since he/she may or may not meet the expectation of what we are hoping for. My solution is to play along and keep calm. I don't really expect people to change or even my case I don't even want to expect my the other half to change because it is 'useless'. We gotta understand that we were raised in different families, different environments and circumstances. Therefore, it is hard for us to eternally change for the sake of others. The more we are getting older, the more difficult we dealing with the word 'change' 

To live happily, just change the attitude towards others and adapt the perspective to be more positive. I can't change, you can't change and we can't change so why not telling ourselves to change our thoughts towards that person so that we would become a happier person. Besides, we have got nothing to worry right? 
Top- Primark
Earrings- Hidden Treasure
Sunglasses- Vintage market at Shoreditch


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    1. Dear Gail! I couln't said it any better, dear! Your thought totally reflect my current state of mind!!! There are some people in my live... and that's how I'm thinking about them too!! I'm so with you!!!! Thanks a lot for your lovely comment on my blog, dear! Follow you on bloglovin, facebook, twitter, google+ and pinterest! :D

      xxx Ira

  2. omg I want that samba top!!! you always have cute t-shirts :)

  3. Hello from Spain: I agree with your thinking. I like your look. Very cool photos.We keep in touch

  4. Love this outfit. Top is so cuuuute <3

  5. Love the message behind this post - you can only change yourself, don't change for anyone else!

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  6. you look so amazing! love this jeans - bought similar some days ago :)


  7. I believe be yourself no matter what. Cute outfit.

  8. That shirt is so cool!
    Melanie @

  9. La camiseta es muy original y divertida al igual que las fotos!!! un bessazooooo

  10. Love this outfit! The top is so cute - will definitely try to seek that out in Primark. :)

  11. Interesting post! People change in life, like you said we all have different background and experiences that shape who we are and who we will become. But changing for others never last long, as we won't be true to ourselves. Better to accept the things we can change (ourselves) and let go of trying to change things we can't (other people).

    Away From The Blue

  12. Great outfit!
    This seems to be summer very much!
    I love your sunglass.leopard pattern is cute♡


  13. looking gorgeous! that top is everything. would you like to follow each other? let me know<3

  14. i'm so in love with you top dear!!

  15. Gorgeous! I'm in love with the earrings you have there xxx

  16. I loveeed your look! Awesome boots, shirt and jacket ♥ Perfect!

  17. I love your shoes 😻 kiss

  18. i do agree that we shouldn't be waiting for others to change, when it most likely won't happen. but i also think that we can change ourselves, not drastically but we still can change if we want to:-) also, your top is so cute! xx

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  20. You look amazing! I love your sunnies and your jeans.
    I hate sometimes that I expect toom much from others, I have to keep calm and stop wanting others to act like I would, I just have to live my life and be happy with my and for me. Your post really helped me, I seriously needed to remember this.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  21. I don't necessarily believe in changing for others, but I do believe in altering behavior for others, especially in a relationship. Sometimes you do things for other people, not for the purpose of changing who you are as a person, but because it's what the person you love needs. That's a huge lesson I had to learn in terms of change and relationships.


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  23. aww that top is so cool, love this look! xoo

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  24. Ohhh it's Simbaaaa!! <3 Love this street style look of yours. And the location of this photoshoot is really cool.

  25. Fantastic post! Very lovely photos too. Happy Wednesday dear! :)

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  27. I couldn't agree more with everything you said, you've got a great mindset, Gail! Also, love the outfit!

    xx Inès |

  28. Fantastic post! I love your consciousness and all frankly points in this post. People are so individual from physical to mindset and yes we rarely can change our individuality, so why we expect the others will change for us. I'm so in loved with your points of views. The other thing I'm so proud of you because you're Thai where is my hometown too. And you're so talented with what you're doing and what you're thinking. Love your blog and your style. xoxo


  29. It's simba! That is so cool!
    This is a good attitude to have, being adaptive is important :)

  30. Oh Gail, I love how you don't just shove down fashion pieces down our throats. You actually give us a glimpse into your life and thoughts..