Thursday, April 21, 2016

How To Brand Yourself as a Blogger Part I

Branding is not just for the brands. Some people have an idea towards the word 'branding' as only for the fashion labels, or products. In fact, we can even branding ourselves. As a blogger, it has become one of the marketing strategies nowadays. Brands are not only investing money on the commercials, or online communication platforms, but using bloggers for the product placement is also the effective solution. Can we brand our blogs? The answer is 'YES' 


In terms of the business, USP is what it has to be defined, or measured in order to sell the brand to the market. Similar to bloggers, what is your unique selling point? In short, I mean, what can you offer to the industry that no one else has done? Is it your style that is different from others? Or is it your social media, which the visual is so on point and distinguished from other users? If you can't define your voice, or answer this question, you need to find one. To make it big in this competitive industry, you have to build your own character. Think of yourself as a brand. I always think or sell myself (my blog) as a brand. Everything I do, including my urban street style, my writing voice, as well as, social media aesthetic, everything is my brand. This is what I can offer to the clients or brands out there who are interested in what I have. 


Audiences, and followers will remember you by how they perceive. Though they might not know us in person, they can still access our world by Instagram, Facebook, etc. The Equinox Fashion blog is everything I have, and I don't really hesitate of saying my honest opinions toward anything. THAT IS MY VOICE, MY CHARACTER. Even your Instagram can show your presence as well. What is it then? Your theme, your photos, everything about the aesthetic of the platform. What you post always affects to what others think. For example, what I often post is related to my personal style, foodie, city, and a bit of random art. I don't have the exact theme on my Instagram, but it always combines with black, white, and grey. So, these factors are what the brands can see in me. Don't have the theme for your Instagram? Don't worry, it takes time to find the right solution. It took me ages till I could find what I really like, what I feel like myself the most. I tried green before...and I loved it :)


Do you know who your readers are? It is necessary to find out your niche of the blog. Why? Think this way, Red Bull aims the products to who? Sport people, X-treme competition, etc. They know who their customers are. I think it is good to know about our readers too. It is not easy to find out who they are, or what they do ( I am not telling you to stalk them by the way lol) However, it is good to know. Sometimes, it is difficult to tell from the social media, but I have always checked my followers on Instagram like their pages, accounts, blogs, etc, just to get a glimpse of their style. Some fashion bloggers have a really young fan based such as 11 to 16 year-old girls, but mine is more like my age and older.   


  1. Great post with some great points :)
    Having a theme for your instagram is good.. still not sure of ours yet

    Hope you have a happy week!

  2. I really love these posts Gail, I find them so helpful! I always try to make sure that my Instagram and Twitter fit my blog's brand xx

  3. Great tips! You have to know what your vision is and who absolutely have to know who you're talking to. A blog is not just a blog it's more than that now.


  4. Great advice and so many true points. Fabulous and fierce you look in the outfit.

  5. every time i see a post like this from you, i think to myself that i should think more about stuff like this! branding is important and this is a great post:-) also, i'm really liking your skirt! xx

  6. Totally agree with u . We are where we are coz of self branding .bloggers are the new wave of brands .
    Love what u wearing . The jacket with denims is lovely .
    New post on my blog . Do drop by soon <3

  7. Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

  8. interesting post!!! stunnin outfit, btw)) happy friday to u :))) xoxo

  9. Hmm, this is such an interesting topic. I haven't given as much thought to branding as I probably should have, though I have a feeling my blog (and social media) is unintentionally 'nature inspired' haha :) As always, very wise words Gail.

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x
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  10. Perfect look! I love that shirt together with the denim skirt!

  11. Awesome post, really helpful and Thanks for sharing. :)

  12. gorgeous outfit! and great post! :)

    xoxo, rae

  13. super important! love that youtube video too :)

  14. This post is a must-read for all girls and boys with blogs! So true what you said here...
    Btw, I looove you outfit! And I'm a new follower ;)

    Love, Marie Roget | Marie Roget Shop

  15. I genuinely don't know how to identify myself as a blogger but I try. Figuring out your niche is important. I love your outfit, the denim skirt is gorgeous <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  16. Great tips for anyone looking to turn their blog into a business!

    I like your studded jacket too.

    Away From The Blue Blog

  17. Great post! I think knowing and engaging with your readers makes all the difference x

  18. Looove this look!! And great tips too! :)

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  19. Hello dear, nice cool look. Love so much the way you take this target, is a goal for all bloggers to be sure and having a blogger space and self brand

    Melange-Boutique Blog || Instgram

  20. I love this post because my thesis was all about the topic of how fashion bloggers brand themselves <3

  21. I am so glad I came across this post. I recently rebranded my blog and still trying to establish my niche. However, these tips will come in handy.x

  22. Love this post! I really agree that bloggers are a brand and that building our brands are so important. You look stunning- I really like this white shirt. And I think that YOU styled the button up denim shirt better :)

    Rachel xx

  23. Some great tips and an interesting read! Establishing your own niche can be really challenging so it's good to hear ideas from different perspectives. Thank you :)

  24. Thanks for sharing this advice...definitely something I am still trying to figure out. :)

    Nikki |

  25. This is really nice!

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  26. Love the denim skirt!

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  28. Great post! Love this look!

  29. Great look! :)
    LOVE your leather jacket, so rokish!

    Photography & Fashion Blog

  30. Cool outfit! Love your biker jacket!


  31. I love how open and honest you are within your writing Gail. I can comepletely understand what your trying to get across. Especially with regards to Instagram themes. I still haven't figured out a theme I like the most, as I am such a random person which actually shows in my feed, from fashion, beauty, travel, food, lifestyle, unicorns (as you already seen hehee) and even cosplaying! I have such a huge and random personality that I just can't put a direct theme on that yet. Do you know what I mean? I am going to try with a theme as in picking a colour that's in the majority of my photos and see if I can stick to it for a while!

    Isobel x

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  32. amazing truths, thank you for the share.

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